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2 Vintage Frame Graphics (and Bonus)

Today I have a couple of cute frames to show you!

The first one comes from a card. It started off as half of a frame, and I stitched it together into something that can be used. Try a gradient map filter to adjust the colour to your taste or the needs of the project.

Take, for example…

… the same border in orange…

… and in a nice blue.

The secret is to select the white with the magic wand, inverse the selection, and then add a mask to the layer. Don’t worry, I’ll have a post dedicated to this in the near future.

Finally, this beautifully simple floral frame:

I think it would look very nice if it was printed on card stock and coloured with pencil crayons for use as a picture frame. Just cut out the centre and mount the desired photo behind it. Colouring isn’t my forte, so if that’s something you decide to do I would love so see the results—and I’ll even post any submissions that I get! Just e-mail me. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy today’s frames! I’ll bring you some more goodies later in the week.

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