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5 Cute Cat Images!

Cats are my favourite critters. I love lizards and bears, too, but for animals that I can actually have as companions, I have to go straight to kitty-kind. They aren’t just adorable! They’re intelligent, they’re hilarious—and they’re great artistic subjects.

For today’s post, I’m going to share with you some purrfect kittens and cats that will make your projects absolutely divine.

This set of kittens, from a mid-century birthday card, have the sweetest faces I have ever seen. The artist did an excellent job making them look fluffy and adorable. They're just perfect. Look at those tiny paws!

I'm convinced this birthday trio is up to no good. They remind me a little of the kitten from those Looney Tunes shorts with the dog. You know the one, with the big eyes, that kneads the dog's back and makes him go "ooo, ow, eee, ah" all the time? That one.

This kitten set is my favourite. The one kitten has absolutely had enough of all the bullshit ever, and the other kitten is yelling for… reasons. Probably food reasons. They are fluffy as hell and they aren’t gonna take it anymore, Debra.

This little mid-century baby is so cheerful and sweet.

I can't help but love this kitten because it looks like it has stared into the void and had the void stare back. Are there any thoughts inside that kitten’s head? I doubt it.

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