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5 Vintage Vacation Photographs

This week, let’s go traveling!

I obtained these images alongside a bunch of other vintage photographs that are a mixture of different casual shots. This sort of photo is a favourite because it gives us some insight into how people lived, what interested them—and sometimes, we get to see vintage fashion in action!

Now, let’s go on a trip!

The above photograph looks to be the Mosaic in the Apse at Basilica Papale di San Paolo Fuori le Mura. This massive, stunning mosaic was built by Venetian masters in the 11th century and has been lovingly restored several times since. So! From this photo, we know that our photographers visited Rome, and what a stunning subject to start with.

Andalus Park, Cairo’s hidden gem of a public green space, likely in the 1950s. This beautiful garden is hidden behind tall fences in the middle of urban sprawl, and has a view of the Nile and several major Cairo attractions. Imagine stepping from the city into this? The full park contains approximately two acres of trees, mosaics, and massive statues, and has been a landmark since 1929. It was built by architect Zulfugar Pasha as a gift to his wife. What a gift!

Welcome to The Papal Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, or Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls. Why that name? It sits outside the ancient remains of the walls of the city of Rome. So it’s quite literal! The original building was from the 4th century and had additions made throughout the years until its destruction in the fire of 1823. Over 1400 years of history… gone. Mostly gone. It has gradually been restored since.

This may be another image from the Andalus Park. It looks so peaceful there.

And, perhaps, home again. A cute little house, and a 1940s-era car. I am not completely sure what it is, but it looks very similar to a Ford Super Deluxe Tudor. Thoughts?

Have you lot found any vintage vacation photographs? What locations have you explored in pictures of the past?

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