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6 Birthday Card Images

Today we’re tackling birthdays! I haven’t stumbled on very many birthday cards in my collection so far, but I know they’re coming—lurking just below the surface somewhere. That’s how it goes. Birthdays are sneaky.

Not quite as sneaky as Mama Bear’s cat, who waits impatiently for a taste of cake. Delicious. But cake is not for cats! This cute graphic comes from a mid-century birthday card.

A very subtle birthday greeting. The card company behind this piece no longer exists, which is a shame as their art was rather nice. Note the flourishes of silver. The bad part about greeting cards versus postcards is the use of textured paper, which can be difficult to work with from a “scan and restore” perspective.

Cards with elements like ribbons or puffy bits are lovely to behold, and this is no exception. The main graphic is lovely—I love the sketch style, and giving it subtle colour was an excellent decision on the artist’s part. This card was as pretty in person as it is here.

This little girl and her dog are far more excited about birthdays than most people, though that’s probably because they’re celebrating someone else’s and not their own. Ah ha.

Although a birthday card with poinsettias seems a bit odd, I can assure you it really does make sense—they’re the flower (well, plant) for December! The pretty poinsettia is a fetching subject for the month, and it’s no wonder it’s become known as the Christmas plant as well.

I love this card. It feels like a fairy tale! Soft colours, the contrast of black on gold, and those big, puffy clouds—so romantic!

I hope you enjoyed this batch. Don’t forget to share your creations with me!