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Happy Birthday Mother Card & Elements

Today I have a graphic for you that will do double or even triple-duty, and can be broken down into more parts beyond what I’m offering here. Let’s take a look!

We start with this rather simple mid-century birthday card. Look at all that gold! The frame is nice and thick, and with a little tweaking it could stand alone. In fact…

There we go. It could be tweaked further, if desired, by knocking away bits and pieces to make it even on the top and bottom. A nice base for a more complex frame. Adding elements on a multiply layer would make for a great collage frame, for example.

We can go a step further and separate the centre element from the frame. The well with its surroundings makes a great image on its own, and I can see how this image can be broken down even further. What do you think? What other bits and bites would you be able to get out of this one element?