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Mid-week Snack: Spring Bridal Shower Bird Image

I know, I know, Spring is pretty far away for most of us. In Canada, we’re watching Snow Season gradually move in while we hug our pumpkins and watch the leaves turn pretty colours. Soon we’ll be digging out the heavy coats and doing our best to hibernate between bouts of digging the car out of the snow.

This was, if I recall correctly, a shower card of some sort. Bridal shower? Probably. A lot of bridal shower cards from this era took “shower” literally. Like. Most of them did. Rain, flowers, and umbrellas are common motifs.

I think the grass and daisies would be nice for some special letter-writing paper, though it would likely need to be run through Vector Magic or redrawn to a larger size to be effective. If you aren’t familiar with Vector Magic, it is an auto-tracer that can make your raster and bitmap images into vector graphics that you can then resize to your heart’s content.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mid-week snack and we’ll see you soon with some more images.