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What Does This Mean?

Is this a potentially historic image?

It is a real photo postcard showing three women standing together, arm-in-arm (or an attempt being made), with one seemingly distracted by something out of frame. The woman in white does not look to be pleased by their middle companion. It’s an image that’s fascinated me since I wound up with it.

What’s really interesting is the message on the back of the postcard, which you can see below:

It reads:

[I] wish people would be [more serious] when such an important undertaking is being carried out.

This leaves me to wonder: what important undertaking were these women carrying out? Where was this taken? A women’s march, perhaps, or a protest? Sure, it may seem silly to assume “ah, suffragettes!” because this is an image of several women in one shot, but it’s the message that makes me wonder. How I wish an address had been written down! Names! Anything!

What do you lot think? Does anyone recognize these women? I did attempt to compare their faces to those of suffragettes from the early 1900s, but I came up empty-handed (and questioning my eyesight).